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It would not be wrong to say that boxes have come across to be one of the underrated inventories in the world which are definitely having so many benefits.  Hence no one can deny the fact that it is considered to be the main backbone of any packaging industry to give the wholesale product packaging proper durability and reliable nature. As being involved in the business of being a retailer or as wholesale, you can choose different types of custom product boxes packaging for your product.  You can give away your product with an attractive and eye-catching impression by adding it with the creative and colorful designed wholesale product packaging boxes.  Above all these custom product boxes can play an important role to highlight your brand message in front of the customers.

Well, the custom product boxes are divided into so many sizes, shapes, and material or even in the color variations too. So right here we are sharing a list of few basic and important types of boxes which you can use for your custom product packaging boxes: 



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An Overview On 10 Types of Custom Product Boxes for Shipping Packaging Business

Folding Carton Boxes

custom product boxes: These have been the very first custom product packaging boxes which were introduced in the industry of packaging. They are basically set upon with the folding feature which can be used to pack some expensive items. Now they are being used upon by so many printing and custom product packaging boxes companies to let the product be shipped to the consumer on the safe terms. When it comes to the shipping industry, one of the most favorable types of the box which is used by them is the folding carton beauty product boxes type. This is probably because it is so much easy to use and has been perfectly sealed. You can easily collapse them when you are not using them and can, later on, reassemble them as well. This is much ideal when it comes to the shipping of canned goods or shoes.

Rigid Boxes

As if in case you are in search of the durable or within some strong beauty product boxes packaging of the product, then choosing the rigid box packaging is the best option left for you.  They are manufactured using durable material. This is the main reason that you cannot collapse them at all. Most of the time, these rigid beauty product boxes will be available in the wrapping of separate fabric in the form of leather or some cute paperwork. This will all in all increase the whole appeal of the product in front of the customer.  They are most often used to pack heavy items such as electronics or mobile phones or even those items that are requiring some sort of support.

Corrugated Boxes

If you are considering shipping your product to far off places, then choosing the corrugated product boxes wholesale option is the best idea for you. They will be working in your support and will be giving your product all the support and security to ship it safely.  This is for the reason that these product boxes wholesale have been made from the material of corrugated cardboard. Even if you have stacked them up on a pile of product boxes wholesale, still they will be giving themselves complete maintenance of being durable enough. They are also helpful in giving your product with protection and security which is much needed.   They have been quite a lot popular in the wholesale product boxes packaging industry.

Full Overlap Boxes

The presence of the outer flaps that have been settled on the product shipping boxes has been all the more overlap the complete width of any box. This will be giving the wholesale product boxes a complete range of toughness and staying resilient. You can even add it with some sort of printing effects and designs to make it look attractive for your customers.

Roll End Tuck Top Boxes

Next on the list, we have the name of roll end tuck up custom printed product boxes for you! It is known for its folding nature as you will be adding any sort of product in it. It does not involve the use of glue.  They are known for adding it with the shipping of any sort of retail product just like the cookies. It can hence be customized into the unique form of custom printed product boxes designing to attract your customers. You can often add the custom printed product boxes with the transparent effect which looks even extra inspiring.

Telescope Boxes

How can be missing out mentioning the name of telescope small product boxes! Well, such type of boxes is featured with the two separate pieces. These two parts are known as the lid and the main base of the small product boxes.  It is much often used in favor of the products which are related to technology. This will bring a feeling of some sophistication in the small product boxes product outlook.

Collapsible Boxes

This box type is considered to be known as the product display boxes which are best for the product shipment. It is available in so many designs, styles, shapes and color variations.  They are also helpful in giving your product with protection and security which is much needed.  They will also be helping you to eliminate the need for any storage space for the product display boxes.

Mailer Boxes

On the last, we have mailer boxes! These product shipping boxes are designed to mailing the small-sized products. They are best designed in the outlook of the letter appearance which makes it look so much eye-catching.

You can make your way to the reliable printing and packaging companies to buy product boxes which are a lot durable and best to use.  You can buy product boxes which suit according to your requirements and product needs.  They can better help you choose the superior option of wholesale product packaging.


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