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Custom Invitation Boxes: Boxes for invitation are used for sending invitation cards of wedding and any other event. Whenever there is an event, people are organizing it, try to make it more loveable and memorable for themselves and for everyone they invite. They try to do everything in the event in a unique way that makes their event more memorable.

There are different, uniquely designed invitation cards that are sent to people to make them remember all the beautiful moments you want to celebrate with them in the event.

The popularity of custom printed invitation boxes is increasing over time since they are more attractive. The use of envelopes to send the invitations has become too outdated now. People like innovation and they bring it through custom invitation boxes.

The user can customize the custom invitation boxes according to what he wants to house in them. Custom printed invitation boxes give them plenty of choices since they can print whatever they want



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Shapes of custom invitation boxes

The custom printed invitation boxes are provided in a number of shapes and sizes depending on the invitation card they house. The luxury invitation boxes have appeared in the market as an alternative to the envelopes made with different materials. With the increase in the demand for invitation boxes, we can see extensive shapes and sizes in which these boxes are introduced

When it comes to designing the custom printed invitation box for the wedding event, we are free to choose what we want to be engraved on the box and with which style. This directly affects the shape and size of the box

Apart from the embellishment done on these boxes to give them a more appealing look, they are designed in different attractive shapes to give them a more attractive touch.

Whether you want to design the custom invitation boxes with butterfly design or a traditional square-shaped box that is able to encase wedding cards of different styles and shapes

Invitation boxes template & Design We Offer

Ever since people have said good-bye to envelopes, boxes for invitation have become more common. They are demanded because they provide the user with the freedom with which he can choose to customize the boxes for the invitation.

Many people find it very challenging to design the boxes for invitations once they choose the customizable box to be used. For such people, the invitation boxes template is available. These templates provide many readymade designs to be printed on these boxes. The textual design is also provided by these templates.

We offer different designs to our customers to serve them with the best luxury invitation boxes. People can get any kind of box with the design of their choice. We make everything completely hassle-free for our customers from packing of invitation packaging boxes to shipping of the boxes for invitations

When it comes to getting the boxes for invitations, everyone needs the one that stands out. We provide the boxes for invitations in such designs that not only fulfil the casing needs of the user but also give the casing an aesthetic look

 Shipment services

Our customers can order the custom invitation packaging online. We provide our customers with the best shipment services. We are aimed at providing the best services that can compel the customer to place an order for buying invitation packaging boxes. We also offer invitation boxes cheap with best shipment services

Our customers are also enabled to buy wholesale invitation packaging. Invitation boxes bulk purchase can be made easily through our online portal. We have different types of luxury invitation boxes to choose from. We are best at providing invitation unique packaging that can make your invitation card standout

We basically provide wholesale invitation packaging at very affordable rates which makes it easy for our customers to make invitation boxes bulk purchase. When customers buy bulk invitation boxes from us, they get each invitation box at a very cheap rate. The invitation shipping boxes are also available at low rates.

Invitation packaging boxes at our end are shipped with extreme care. We try to ensure that our custom invitation boxes are packed in high-quality packaging. We generally sell invitation boxes wholesale. We can be the best choice for all those people who want bulk invitation boxes with wholesale invitation packaging

Echo friendly boxes

Invitation unique packaging is desired by everyone who needs custom invitation packaging that stands out. As a matter of fact, people can get the bulk invitation boxes of their choice as they are customizable. However, the main factor that people usually forget is whether these wholesale invitation boxes are eco-friendly or not. 

We never compromise on the quality of the boxes for the invitation. We try to make sure that the raw material of high-quality is used so that our boxes remain eco-friendly.

The material used by us is most of the times easily bio-degradable. Unlike other wholesale invitation boxes, we prefer using the material for the invitation boxes which is solid, sturdy, reliable, durable and eco-friendly at the same time

The wholesale invitation boxes we design have no negative impact on the environment. So, we can proudly claim that we create and ship invitation boxes cheap, which are also eco-friendly at the same time. The invitation shipping boxes we use for shipping purpose are also very friendly to the environment.

Top-quality of custom boxes

It is a very common perception about the boxes for invitation wholesale that they don’t come with good quality since people buy boxes for invitation wholesale which are also cheap.

The custom invitation boxes offered by us have a high-quality since we make no compromise on the raw material we use. We choose our raw material wisely, whether we sell one custom box or invitation boxes wholesale.

Invitation boxes wholesale have a high-quality to the extent that you can choose to encase anything in them whether it is a food item or anything sensitive. No matter what you pack inside, we have high-quality material invitation boxes wholesale to protect your belongings

Most of the boxes we offer are white invitation boxes. Although it is not necessary to buy white invitation boxes, they add more charm to the invitation for any event. As a matter of fact, white invitation boxes are most commonly used since it is easy to trace quality with them as compared to the boxes of any other colour. Whenever you need the invitation unique packaging, white boxes with custom designs can be the best option for you

Customer support

Getfastpackaging is the best solution to buy invitation boxes bulk, invitation boxes for sale, invitation shipping boxes and whatnot. Whenever you need to buy invitation boxes, choose to Get Fast Packaging as you best partner to provide with quality boxes for invitation wholesale. Visit our official website and start quoting now and get invitation boxes cheap.


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