Terms & Conditions

All users should consider the terms and conditions because they dictate your employment on this website. At the time that you employ the website, you will uphold the Terms and Conditions along with other rules present on any other areas of the website. These extra points are added here.

The Terms and Conditions can be considered to be a document that binds the user and getfastpackaging.com. It is up to us to pursue any alterations without informing users. Therefore, whoever uses this website at any time must check these so that they know what is expected of them.

Copyright rules

The user is solely liable for any content that they employ. It can include pictures, words, etc. which you add into anything. The user will not incorporate any information from anyone that they have not gotten permission to add.  Anything that you add should not harm the rights of anyone, encompassing copyright, trademark, etc.

When a user wants to place an order on this website, they have allowed getfastpackaging.com to create what they want for them according to the directions they have communicated.

Corporate Trademarks

“getfastpackaging.com” plus other marks upon the website tend to be considered trademarks of getpastpackaging.com. No one can employ, copy or do anything to these without getting consent from getfastpackaging.com. It is not allowed to use these on any other website as well.

Content points

Anything that you post on the website or ask us to create, you are totally responsible for it and have agreed to not include any copyrighted stuff. No copyrighted material will be included unless you are allowed to do this by getting permission from the producer.

Content may include words, pictures, materials, etc. The person who makes these is responsible for them. Therefore if any issue arises you will be called to handle it concerning anything that you share. No unlawful material is allowed as well as that which is not normal. It must not affect intellectual property claims. Getfastpackaging.com is not responsible for any content which users share on the website and if it is questionable in nature.

The user will not share their password with anyone who they do not know and they have a right and are liable for whoever they allow using their account. Therefore any orders and activities that occur through your account are your responsibility. When you or someone else employing the account makes any order of any sort, you have provided getfastpackaging.com with the rights to use the information to create what you have asked for.

If there is any information that is against the terms of service, the user has accepted that getfastpackaging.com will remove this. We have the right to keep this and forward it if any law authority requires it for the following purposes:

  • Aid with any lawful procedures
  • Fulfil terms of service
  • Claims that it is copyrighted material
  • Keep the image and integrity of getfastpackaging.com present along with the other people using the website.

Client delivered artwork

Every design must be provided in the stated format and according to what getfastpackaging.com has asked for on the instructions area. Getfastpackaging.com is not liable for any color alterations which happen when conversions occur. Due to client given artwork not being optimum, we are not responsible for any color alterations.

Rules concerning proofing

Every activity needs to have client approval of the final work and also of the task specification sheet. At the time that an order occurs, artwork proofs plus the particular job precise sheet get delivered to clients. They should analyze all information on the sheet, like delivery times, production speed, etc. They need to inform us that all details have been fulfilled and are perfect.

Getfastpackaging.com is not accountable for details apart from those on this sheet. The user even has to check the end artwork like proofreading. Due to the fact that there are different methods by which files get handled, alterations may happen. The details displayed upon the end proof display the information that gets printed. Getfastpackaging.com suggests that you should print this at 100% allowing all details to be carefully checked out. The company is not held for any mistakes that are not clarified and forwarded immediately. When approval happens, all details get forwarded and work is started on your project.

Getfastpackaging.com is not accountable for any color, design, etc. details that have been adhered to by clients. We will try and match colors and tones according to what you have stated. Lamination has the ability to modify the appearance of colors. If any changes occur to lamination colors, you cannot blame us for this.

Material details

Clients need to be aware that the paper or card stock employed is not regarded as being food grade in character. Those who have any special needs must tell us immediately when the order has still not been finalized.

Proof plus layout agreement

You are responsible for any proof and also layout choices which you provide us before the printing procedure has occurred. Getfastpackaging.com will not fix any mistakes on printing because of:

  • Graphics order plus placement moreover wrong font employment
  • Spelling, grammatical, punctuation mistakes
  • Wrong Die cuts, etc.
  • End item length and width

Right color and hardcopy points

Getfastpackaging.com will try and get the exact color from given print-ready files. We need to inform you that it is not certain that these will be 100% correct because hindrances can occur during printing. The accuracy concerning color will be around 90% of what you have accepted. Getfastpackaging.com will only confirm color for those print-ready files which clients have gotten a hardcopy proof of. They cost more.


You will indemnify getfastpackaging.com along with all those who have licensed rights with us.

Cancelling rules

Getfastpackaging.com will only stop orders before printing and shipping has occurred. But if the item is on route then you cannot cancel it. Orders can be canceled whilst certain production phases are occurring but there will be cancellation expenses. We will inform you of these.

All orders may be cancelled before they get reworked on by our team. The expenses for every phase will be told at every phase.

Returns and refund

Because all orders tend to be different, every sale is final. If our team confirms that we have made a mistake, the order will be renewed. There are no returns and credits.

Re-printing details

The client should inform getfastpackaging.com inside the stated number of days. After this you cannot hold us responsible for anything.

Clients who need to get replacement stuff it is your responsibility to return it and pay for it. It must have its proper condition and inside the stated number of days.

Shipping and delivery choices

Getfastpackaging.com provides certain production choices when you put an order. These include the stated methods of shipping on our website.

Getfastpackaging.com will try and finalize everything as quickly as we can. You cannot blame us for any delay due to any environmental, health, political, etc. issues.

When unanticipated equipment mistakes, issues, etc. happen, the printing and shipping may get late. Rush charges and expedite fees get refunded or waived due to this where applicable. Orders will not get cancelled because of delays.

All clients should check payment rules in their country and will pay these by themselves.

Disclaimer of warranty

This website along with its content is given “as is” and do not have any warranty, expresses and implied, encompassing warranties of merchant potential, fitness for a certain cause, or non-infringement. You agree that working of the website will not be uninterrupted and mistake-free. There may be references along with links to items and services of different companies on the site.

Limitation of liability

Getfastpackaging.com along with all those connected to it will not be accountable for any damages and any Content on the Site.