Double Locked Wall Lid

Your expensive and fancy products deserve some good quality protection, and the Double Locked Wall Lid boxes from The Custom Boxes bring you just that. As their self-explanatory name suggests, these have double-locked walls and lids that stay safe and secure on your products no matter how rough they are handled.



Double Locked Wall Lid

The designs of these simplest Custom Boxes can be customized to suit the need and these are perfectly capable of Packaging many types of products in different shapes or sizes. Avail the fast and free USA wide delivery when you buy in bulk from us along with lowest wholesale prices and nothing to pay for the printing plates or the cutting die equipment as well.

Extended Safety for Great Packaging:

The double-locked wall lid boxes from The Custom Boxes have very simple designs that are reminiscent of our equally popular Bookend boxes but without the double book page like layer on top. Their sizes can be altered by changing the measurement on each of their sides that makes them perfect for many types of different products including many hardware products, prepared foods, toys and gifts, software CDs, many clothing products or any other retail products that need the extra security. Closing and opening the locks that bring extended safety for your products is the easiest, and yet they will not open until done intentionally.


These well-finished custom boxes offer great protection for the more delicate and expensive products as well. Manufacturers can line them up with soft and fluffy layers of packing materials and place tech products like smartphones, tablets or other tech products that have very delicate build and require the extra protection offered by the double wall lock mechanisms on the perfect packaging from The Custom Boxes. Expensive products like jewelry, watches or other wearable items can also benefit from this safety lock system found on our typical double locked wall lid boxes.


One of the very first needed characteristics found on the list of necessities from most manufacturers when it comes to packaging is its ability to provide the advertisement for the brand as well as the product while the products are packaged inside them. The custom Boxes have perfect printing solutions that guarantee efficient brand logo or name representation along with all the other required informative texts and the most attractive printed designs for our custom boxes. You can get you packaging boxes delivered in the most catchy finishes as well including the shiny posh or the rough matt ones or the mixture of both depending on the exact requirements for your custom products.

Durable Materials and Customizable Designs:

The Custom Boxes guarantee the use of some of the most high-quality materials for our packaging boxes that are processed on very capable high tech equipment to boost their durability. Our materials are the sturdiest and will last the longest while providing that first-day new look and feel. We also provide the option to customize designs for your perfect boxes as much as you prefer, change the size of each side, the depth of the boxes or the overall shape to suit your exact products. Our expert box designers are always there to help you design your perfect boxes, or we can process your prescribed designs on request as well.

Why The Custom Boxes?

If you are a product manufacturer and appreciate outstanding quality double locked wall lid packaging boxes for many of your expensive or fancy products, The Custom Boxes will provide you with the best wholesale options along with cheapest prices and other add-ons like free USA wide shipping and free printing plates and cutting die equipment as well on bulk orders. All our bulk offers are tailored to suit wholesale customers providing them lowest prices and widest profit margins for their products enhancing their business in the long term.


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