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Many people love ice cream, especially on a hot summer’s day whilst lounging outside enjoying the breeze. Ice cream is a food product eaten across the globe. There are numerous flavours available like chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, cherry, pistachio, etc. The list goes on and on. Many brands are present that produce their own scrumptious ice cream. It is essential for these to compete with one another so that they stand out. This they do by producing delicious and quality ice cream. Another way that this can be done is with the help of cone sleeves.

What are cone sleeves?

Cone sleeves are the food-approved type of ice cream cone jackets that are made to keep cone biscuits safe from water as well as moisture. They aid to preserve their crispness, freshness, along with flavour. This can be up to 18 months even. Cone sleeves can be made into custom cone sleeves and advertise a brand.



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Wholesale Custom Cone Sleeves

Therefore with the help of custom cone sleeves, a brand can market their ice cream cones and stand out in front of the competition. Therefore custom cone sleeves can keep the cone safe and also help market the brand.

Benefits of ice cream cone sleeves

Ice cream cone sleeves have many benefits. As has been stated above, ice cream cone sleeves can keep the ice cream cones safe from external influence. The printed ice cream cone sleeves can advertise a particular brand by printing.

The printed ice cream cone sleeves may be developed with approved adhesive so as to be certain that no wrinkles, gaps and creasing occurring along the side and the tip of these printed ice cream cone sleeves as well as to stop dripping from happening.

Continue reading on to find out some tips when it comes to creating the best ice cream cone packaging.

The material of the ice cream cone packaging

Due to the protective impact, that good ice cream cone packaging has, it is important to make these with sturdy material that will not get damaged. Wholesale cone sleeves should, therefore, be gotten with material that is sure not to get damaged. It is better to select wholesale ice cream cone sleeves made from material like cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft. Ice cream cone paper sleeves made from good paper should be chosen.

Wholesale cone sleeves made from these materials will be strong, and printing will be able to occur on them as well. Wholesale ice cream cone sleeves can even be made from good recyclable materials like recyclable cardboard. This will help advertise a brand that favours sustainable practices. If a brand wants to advertise themselves positively then they need to get wholesale cone sleeves that will not get damaged before they reach the customer.

Perfect size

When looking at which custom ice cream cone sleeves to get you will need to keep in mind the size that you need. This should be the perfect size so that the custom ice cream cone sleeves are able to fit around the cone perfectly.  The ice cream cone paper sleeves should be measured and the best size must be gotten.

If the brand has mini cones, then mini ice cream cones wholesale should be acquired. The mini ice cream cones wholesale can then be printed advertising the brand. It is necessary to get mini ice cream cones wholesale that will be the correct size.

Designing the custom printed cone sleeves

It is better to select custom printed cone sleeves as these can be designed according to the wishes of the brand. Custom printed cone sleeves must stand out in front of the competition and attract potential customers towards them. Cone sleeves ice cream can have unique colors and images so that they are eye-catching.

When one visits a store, the ice cream cones of the different brands are all in one area therefore if a brand wants to stand out then they will have to create the best cone sleeves ice cream. Cone sleeves ice cream tend to be the first thing seen of the cones, and so they need to attract.

Ice cream cone wrappers should have colors that the customer base will prefer. Ice cream cone wrappers made for children should have bright and prominent colors like yellow, red, blue, etc. as these attract children. Adults also eat ice cream and cones made especially for them can have ice cream cone wrappers that have a decent color.

Ice cream cone wrappers wholesale having images also look good and help a brand go the extra mile. Images on the ice cream cone wrappers wholesale should be such that they attract the customer base that they are targeting. If they are for kids, then the ice cream cone covers should have cartoon images. It can be of the popular cartoon nowadays, like from the movie Frozen for instance.

If the ice cream is mostly flavors that adults prefer then scenery images and decent ones look good on the ice cream cone covers. Therefore ice cream cone wrappers wholesale designed according to what the customer base will like need to be designed.

Ice cream brand logo

A logo is another important part of ice cream cone covers. With the help of this, the ice cream cone paper sleeves will get a professional look that will draw people towards them. A short logo that can be remembered must be designed for the ice cream cone paper sleeves. This helps customers be able to recognize the brand from afar. A logo is a necessary part of the ice cream cone sleeves as it markets the brand.

Ice cream cone sleeves are an important part of the ice cream cones. This is because they help keep the cones safe from any harm and keep them in their proper shape. They can even help advertise the company and that positively. Therefore the ice cream cone will be able to stand out and draw the eyes of customers. People will try the cone and if they like it they will tell their friends about it. This helps increase customers for the brand.


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