Auto Bottom with Display Lid

These Auto bottom with display lid boxes are easier to assemble with auto-lock at the bottom. The difference is that these boxes come up with a little more space in display tuck panel lid and have a crease in the middle of the lid through which the lid can be easily folded up. The box can be folded into a flat shape and can be restored when stretched.


Custom Auto Bottom Boxes

Auto bottom boxes with display lid are an ideal choice of packaging for new and upcoming brands and companies as well as newly launched products. These boxes have an extended top lid that is folded up into a double flap and tucks into the back wall of the box. Thus providing a prominent flap top to display the necessary information about the product that the box holds within itself and the company that it belongs to. The bottom part of these boxes is an auto bottom, which provides efficient and supple support to whatever product is displayed in these boxes. The sides of the box are simply constructed giving enough space to give emphasize on the product that is being displayed in the box. The extended top serves for several benefits since it provides an ideal and prominent display for not just the product that is in the box but also useful company or brand information and other captivating offers by the respective company can also be displayed on it.


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